barley porridge with caramelized bananas, pecans, soymilk,

sulawesi toarco toraja.
1/2 tiny hard boiled egg with fennel salt.
topical emeren-C w/ meyer lemon juice.
tiny deviled eggs with thyme, mustard, and fennel salt,

apple bread with peanut butter and butter,
pu-erh ginger tea,
apple slices.
chickpea four pizza with kale, anchovy, vegan gourmet cheese,
green salad with pecans and clementine juice,
2003 abbazia santa anastasia montenero red wine.

friday december 17

single shot soy latte.
pad thai.
fig bombon.
1.5 opal apples.
three toppings rice,

blanche de bruxelles beer.
siddhartha sour cocktail,
la femme rouge, w/out cream, cocktail.
tortilla chips and three salsas,
tofu yucat√°n taco,


1/2 NEW alterra chocolate chip cookie.
holiday blend.
costa rica candelilla geisha.
Marilyn Worth's gingersnaps,

and almond cookies.
1/2 black bean burrito,
"mexican rice",
tortilla chips,
remains of burrito.
emergen-C with cider.
carpano antica,
tortilla chips.
leftover risotto with butternut squash and sage.

wednesday dec 15

half of new alterra whole wheat chocolate chip cookie,
pure black iced tea,
holiday blend coffee.
1chocolate non-pareil candy,
1 bite brownie.
whole foods cranberry tuna sandwich on seeded wheat bread,
whote chocolate peppermint pretzel chip,
g.t. daves kombucha.
emergen-C with cider.

savoy cabbage and parmesan skin soup,
green salad with grapefruit, pecans and fennel salt,
shichimi togarashi bean burgers with my spicy mustard on toast.

tuesday dec 14

1/2 cran date bar.
decaf coffee.
double soy latte.
pasta with butter, peas, parmesan.
amuse bouche of pleasant ridge reserve cheese, tiny sausage, tiny breadstick,
berkshire pig dinner, see photo.

monday december 13

fresh squeezed clementine juice with tropical emergen-C.
crumpets with honey and butter.
dark chocolate with sea salt.
sporTea with pineapple.
decaf mexico kulaktik,
ginger date scone.
cocktail, in another time.

green salad with fennel salt, clementine, pecans,
risotto with butternut squash and sage,

white wine from Apremont, Savoie.
dark choc. w/ sea salt.

Sunday December 12 2010

apple slice,
costa rica candelilla geisha coffee.
crepes with brandy apples.
more Geisha.
more crepe.
one spoon of soup.
peppermint tea,
dark chocolate with cacao nibs.
half of lagunitas brown sugar.
tofu with savoy cabbage and sweet sour sauce,
kale and carrot miso,
brown rice,
thelema, again.