Monday April 8

Green smoothie.
Green tea with Mangosteen.
Butterfly pea flower kombucha.
Purple Skittle.
Tuna salad with capers.
Leftover Mu Shu Chicken,
Orange seltzer.
Strawberry Altoids.
Roasted peanuts in the shell.

Tuesday March 12, 2019

tiny, tiny pancakes,
orange juice,
dried apricots,
potato chips,
vanilla mint chai.
Jade cloud green tea.

Saturday January 26th

Scrambled eggs, sausage, cheddar, confit tomatos, basil,
Sprouted grain toast with butter.
Carob chunks of energy.
Pinot noir.
Roasted chicken with lemons, pepper, diced potatoes,
Sunflower butter cup.

Friday January 24th 2019

Iron goddess of Mercy oolong.
Sage eucalyptus tea.
Croissant toast with butter.
Rose wine spritzer.
Popcorn with Brewers yeast, pecorino, butter.
Carob bites of energy.
Patty melt, fish fry, potato pancakes.
Chocolate chip buckwheat shortbread cookies.

Thursday January 23

Cocoa granola with coconut yogurt,
Oolong tea.
Mint tea.

Parsnip fennel soup with hazelnuts and hot honey,
Egg on toast,
Wafer cookie bar,
Mint tea.

Wednesday January 22nd 2019

Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea.
Sprouted grain toast with butter.
West cape chai.
Fried chicken,
Mashed potatoes,
Cole slaw,
Braised greens,
Hot sauce,
Turnip pickles,
Parsnip chips,
Pretzel with cheese sauce.

Tuesday January 21st 2019

Black tea with Christmas trees.
Cookie dough.
Chocolate chips.
Buckwheat flour shortbreads with chocolate chips.
Cheese and crackers,
Some beer.
Black cherry polar water,
Roasted sausages and Brussels sprouts with coriander and fennel,
Noodles with parmesan.

Monday January 21st 2019

Iron goddess of Mercy tea.
Confit tomato and chevre omelette,
Sprouted grain toast.
Chocolate chips.
Chocolate granola.
Black cherry seltzer,
Rigatoni with beef ragout, regal blend, arugula, Urfa pepper,
Shaved carrot salad.

Sunday January 20th 2019

Iron goddess of Mercy oolong tea.
Rice crispy cereal with almond milk.
Cranberry pepita sprouted grain toast with butter.
Ricotta pancakes,
Granola with fruit and vanilla Greek yogurt,
Crispy potatoes with garlic confit and parmesan,
Monkey bread,
Decaf coffee,
Guava gose beermosa.
Rice noodles with leftover mooshu chicken and scallion Ginger sauce.
"Salty dog" chocolate bar.

Saturday January 20th

vanilla mint chai with almond milk.
eggs on toast with Montamore, chickpea mayonnaise, arugula, tofurkey cold cuts.
chocolate cookie.
wild cherry waterloo.
Mint tea,
Maple covered nuts,
Veggie egg roll,
Pinot noir,
Duck egg roll,
Mushoo chicken,
Sesame beef and rice,
Fortune cookie.

Friday January 19th 2019

Vanilla Mint Chai with almond milk.
A freeze dried strawberry slice.
Chocolate tofu pudding with coco-whip, blister peanuts and luxardo cherries.
Chicken and wild rice soup,
Genoa salami with balsamic vinegar, shaved onion on fresh baguette,
Fresh bread and butter.
Black Cherry Waterloo.
space whistle,
octopus with scallion pesto, fingerling potatoes, celery leaves, parsley leaves, pickled onions, crispy potato,
pretzel with cheese sauce,
brussels sprouts with bacon,
fish fry.
soft caramel candy,
mint tea.

Thursday January 17th 2019

Vanilla mint chai with almond milk.
Freeze dried strawberry.
Chocolate cookie batter.
Chocolate cookie with milk dark and white chocolate chunks.

Miniature twix bar.
Leftover macaroni and cheese, tofu, and ginger scallion sauce.
Cherry Waterloo.
Dragon whispers polar seltzer.
Space whistle,
Tahini crusted cauliflower salad with tangerines,

Braised beef and cheddar quesadilla,
1 buttered gnocchi.

Wednesday January 16, 2019

Chocolate chai with almond milk and pink salt.
Maple covered nut mix,
Sweetened dried cherries,
One sea salt Veggie Stix.
avocado toast with over easy egg,

Cherry Waterloo Seltzer.
Chocolate covered wafer bar.
Mint Tea.
Mint Tea.
freeze dried strawberries.
maple nut mix.
red wine,
Beet burger with goat cheese, chickpea mayo and arugula,

roasted chickpea and arugula salad,

dried cherry.
Sunflower butter cup,
Mint tea.

Wednesday December 13

Vanilla mint chai.
Lemon water.
Chocolate granola.
Oyster gose.
Root beer.
Pretzels and crackers with pesto.
Brussels sprouts with black garlic and brown butter,
Red beans and rice.
Mint tea.


oolong tea,
pesto scrambled eggs,
baked oatmeal with apples.
West Cape Chai tea with honey,
potato chips with pesto.
muffin cake with cranberry butter swirl.
Angeline Pinot Noir,
2 Arkansas black apples,
1 clementine,
Cacio e pepe with squid ink pasta and urfa biber,
egg on top,
Angeline Pinot Noir,
potato chips,
carob chunks of energy,
chamomile tea.

Tuesday October 8th

Partial blueberry clif bar.
KaJon sandwich and fries + mayonnaise,
taste of braunschweiger,
lemon water.
Soy Chocolate chip ice cream.
Austrian Rosé,
Turkey meatballs, spaghetti squash, Cherry tomato sauce,
arugula salad with soy balsamic vinaigrette,
blood orange candy.

Monday, October 8th

Moroccan mint tea,
Wild Thai Green tea.
Black Eyed Pea Pancakes with fried eggs, avocado and Urfa Bieber,
Fruit snacks.
Chocolate drink.

Sunday October 7th

Oolong tea.
Minestrone soup,
tuna salad sandwich with extra capers,
apple with peanut butter.
Speculoos cookies.
Massaged kale salad with soyrizo and blackbeans, toasted corn, corn chips, cherry tomatoes, avocado,
white wine.

Friday October 5th

Dutch baby pancake with honey,
Peppermint green tea.
Apple Danish.
Peppermint green tea.
Toast with peach jam,
Leftover curry with tofu.
Cheese crunchy.
Tiny cookie.
Golden round crackers with butter,
Minestrone soup,
Tuna salad on pita,
White wine.
Peanuts and chocolate chips.

Thursday October 4th

almond tea with almond milk,
chocolate almond pancakes,
Mystic mint tea.
Cauliflower kale soup,
akmak cracker,
Fruit snacks.
Dried apricots,
peanut butter,
Moroccan Mint Tea.
Lime sparkle.
Butterkaese grilled cheese.
Chocolate chips.
Potato cakes,
Red wine,
Chocolate chips and salted peanuts.

Tuesday September 11th

Wild Thai Green tea.
Strawberry Gazpacho,
sprouted grain raisin toast with smoked vegan mozzarella.
maple cookie.
carbonated coconut water with yuzu.
taste of backyard hops beer.
taste of roasted red pepper soup, salmon burger, roasted red pepper burger.
wine tasting.
trail mix.
taste of blueberry butter.
seaweed salad,
shrimp tempura roll,
badger roll.

Monday September 10th

Sunday September 9th

Saturday September 8th

Friday September 7th

Thursday september 6th

Wednesday September 5th

cold brewed wild thai iced tea.
eggs with soyrizo, black beans, chopped roma tomato.
Blueberry Kombucha.
Gruner Veltliner.
Bites of buttered bread.
black pepper truffle popcorn.
dill pickle unpopped popcorn.
Strawberry Gazpacho.
Swordfish, white bean puree, roasted whole carrots, cimicurri.
choc zero hazelnut milk chocolate.
taste of 2018 sierra nevada oktoberfest beer.

Tuesday September 4th


Monday September 3rd