saturday february 12

peanut butter pretzels.
fried eggs on toast with vegenaise,

dandelion greens sauteed with pepper flakes and garlic,
gala apple,
peppermint tea.
fennel infused chocolate.
youngs chocolate stout beer.
brioche cubes with butter.
candied ginger,
dried cherries.
fennel truffle,
chocolate cake with bananas and shiny ganche,
profiteroles with pastry cream,
blood orange.
beet gnocchi with hazelnut pesto and grana padano,
basa white wine.
chocolate orange.

friday february 11

sesame bar.
decaf iced soy mocha.
panda cherry licorice stick.
indian lentil soup,
dried cherries.
sample of cheese.
apple cider.
toast with earth balance.
champagne cocktail.

crystallized ginger.
chocolate swirl marshmallows with cinnamon.
yogi peach detox tea,
toast with earth balance,
gala apple.


granola bar.
raspberry banana smoothie.
dried mango,
love supreme coffee.
crystallized ginger.
Wisconsin parmesan cheese sample.
wisconsin cheese mart soft pretzel with mustard.
crystallized ginger.
panda cherry licorice.
toast with mustard and daiya cheese.
orange flower pastry cream.
peppermint tea.
peanut butter pretzels
Taste of Bell's Hopslam beer,
dogfish head 90 minute Imperial IPA,
Dogfish head Indian Brown Ale.
Arugula salad with apple, hazelnut and orange champagne vinegar,
chickpea patties on garlic toast with vegenaise and parsley pesto,

roasted carrots with fennel and Portuguese salt cream,
cran-raspberry la croix.

wednesday February 9

granola bar.
half decaf coffee with soy milk and honey.
oskri original coconut bar.
BBQ tofu wrap.
dried mango.
tortilla chips.
frozen cookie dough.
bread and butter,
almond butter.
pastry cream with orange flower water,
celery root,
roasted onion stuffed with bread pudding,
arugula salad.

tuesday february 8

granola bar.
earl grey tea with honey and soymilk, x2.
whole grain chocolate chip cookie sample.
pita chip sample.
sweet potato burrito with medium salsa,
east side ovens lemony sugar cookie.

foie gras and pear tartine.
chickpeas with fennel on basmati rice,
white wine.
chamomile tea.

monday february 7

half decaf soy mocha.
sample of pretzel crisp.
sugar-free vegan oatmeal raisin cookie.
BBQ tofu on toast with vegenaise and
ginger chews.
dried fig.
gala apple.

beet gnocchi with hazelnut pesto,
callia white wine,
basmati rice,
lamb with figs in red wine.

Sunday February 6

whole wheat toast with almond butter and honey,

rishi pu-erh ginger tea.
banana slice.
ginger chew.
sip of black and tan coffee.
arugula salad with orange champagne dressing and herb tofu,

almond butter and chocolate chips.
sesame crackers,
gumball head beer,
ceviche with pomegranate on saltines,
korean beef,
sticky rice,
roasted olives,
farmhouse style home brew.
green bay packer sugar cookie,
lay's potato chips.