Jan 23 weds

H1alf of almond biscotti.
Almond oatmeal bar,
Soy hot chocolate.
Strawberry coconut smoothie,
Cereal flakes,
Toast with marmalade,
Gala tea.
Toast with marmalade.
Gala tea.
Cereal flakes.
Roasted broccoli with almonds and avocado,
White Bean soup,
Toasted almonds.

January 22nd

Almond oat bar
Guatemala mountain of flowers
Marybong Darjeeling
Italian vegetable soup
Corn bread and butter.
Chocolate chip cookie
Baked barbeque chip sample.
Peanut butter pretzels.
Cereal flakes.
Gala tea.
Red grapefruit Marmalade.
Dried apricots.
White bean soup,
Toasted toast,
Arugula salad with orange and almond,
Red wine - carmenere.
Sliced toasted almonds.

21st of January

Broken cranberry scone. 
anthology black tea.
Soy hot chocolate.
Oatmeal almond bar.
Guatemala mountain of flowers coffee.
Cherry fruit bar.
Strawberry coconut smoothie.
Ritz with almond butter and dried apricots.
Sliced toasted almonds.
Peanut butter pretzels.
Gratineed pasta with roasted mushrooms, kale, roasted tomato sauce and aged cheddar crumb topping,
2000 Merlot.

20 of january

Sliced toasted almonds.
Hot water with lemon.
Rose tea melange.
Strawberry coconut smoothie.
Oatmeal almond butter bars.
Chicken soup,
Brown buttered toast.
Sliced, toasted almonds.
Raspberry kombucha.
Lentils with ginger and spinach,
Forbidden black rice,
Avocado and grapefruit salad with Aleppo chili flakes,
Red wine.
Milk chocolate with peaches and pecans.