Sunday Feb 19th

madagascar vanilla macarons,

Guatemala Mountain of Flowers coffee.
Egg sandwich with sriracha and spinach on whole wheat toast.
curried quinoa wrap.
sartori bella vitano black pepper cheese.

Saturday February 18th

partial sugar cookie,
black coffee.
Riverwest co-op vegan breakfast muffin,
bite of Oskri coconut almond bar,
oskri chocolate covered coconut bar.
buttercream frosting.
starfire licorice tea.
whole wheat toast with plum jam.
mangosteen emergen-C.
at Braise Restaurant- Prosecco,
fresh brioche with herb butter,
crispy pork with polenta, sorghum syrup and mascarpone,
trout with fingerling potatoes, spincah and lemon vinaigrette,
sip of espresso,
tiny bite of biscotti, all
Makers mark and soda,
red vines at Redroom.

Friday Feb 17 2012

Toast with plum jam and butter,
black coffee.
granola bar.
peanut butter builder bar,
lychee coconut water,
gummy bears.
butter cream frosting.
more gummy bears.
curried lentil and sweet potato soup,
buttered toast.
Rosé wine,
grilled Willow Creek pork chop,
warm apple chutney,
Leonetti Merlot 2008,
roasted garlic mashed potatoes,
spinach with brown butter.