2 honey nut rice cakes.
taste of Delta Mud coffee,
sample of Peanut Butter Chocolate chip banan muffin with walnuts on top.
shot of Costa Rica Candelilla Geisha,
another sample of PBCCB Muffin.
lentil soup with parsley salad.
banana split sandwich.
tiny pecan bar.

wednesday july 6

4 oz alterra granola,
4 oz iced coffee.
sample of cheese puff at WFM.
Sample of black pepper Naan chip at WFM.
1/2 of tuna salad sandwich,
1/2 of egg salad sandwich,
3 almonds.
1/2 pecan bar.
taste of 4 Handed IPA,
taste of Dogfish head 60 minute IPA.
Leftover zucchini salad,
green salad with raspberry shrub viniagrette, blue goat cheese, butter lettuce,

spice crusted salmon,
citron vert mustard,
brown rice.

banana split sandwich.


Pistachio Pro Bar.
1/2 of tropical smoothie.
lentil soup with parsley and lemon,
Mint Rice Dream cookie pie.
Lime tortilla chip.
Four Vines Zinfandel,
BBq tofu sandwich,
grilled zucchini salad with tomato and mint,
taste of sausage.
Non dairy whipped topping.

Monday July 4th

toasted hazelnuts.
blueberry spinach smoothie
rice cakes with almond butter, honey and banana.
everything flavored tortilla chips,
cream soda.
lakefront EyePA,
white wine,
roasted chicken,
corn on the cob,
potato salad,
green salad with cucumber and honey mustard vinaigrette,
fresh berries.
at Le Duc's- cherry slush,

taste of Coconut almond custard.

sunday july 3rd

alterra granola bar,
tropical crimson iced tea,
tropical smoothie with spirutein.
sulawesi toraja coffee.
at The Plaza-
Bloody mary,
smoked salmon eggs benedict on toast with chive hash browns.
almond raspberry yogurt.
pickled scapes,
green salad,
peas with brown butter,
BBq tofu sandwich.
"ice cream" with toasted hazelnuts.

saturday july 2nd

oatmeal with walnuts, maple syrup, rice milk,
sweet cherries.
jewish fruit roll up.
carpano antica,
sparkling wine,
stirred cocktail,
sparkling cocktail,
sour blue bottles.
roasted pork, pineapple, onion sweet potato,
2 pork taco with pickled onions and radish.

tortilla chips and guacamole.
Special Occasional double IPA.
red velvet birthday cake with cream cheese frosting and a lightning bolt.
taste of Mikkeller 1,000 IBU.

friday july 1st

half of ginger date scone,
iced coffee.
lime flavored tortilla chips.
two fried eggs with vegenaise on lebanese flat bread.
biscoff with faux whipped cream.
sausage stick.

samples of various beers,
samples of various liqueurs.