thursday June 9th

Iced coffee,
banana pro-bar.
sesame garlic sticks.
B-cakes frosting.
avocado with lemon and olive oil on rice cake.
another rice cake.
boiled egg white.
lentil soup with truffle oil,
basmati rice,
arugula salad with sherry vinegar and hard boiled egg.
more frosting.

Wednesday June 8th 2011 MKE

summertime iced coffee.
Black iced tea.
satellite vegan crepe with everything.
black licorice.
Babycakes (recipe) frosting.
tortilla chips.
shahrazad falafel bel hommos.
at corazon:
corazon punch,
maker's mark and soda.
banana bread with frosting.
clover club cocktail.

tues 6.7.11

potato chip sample at whole foods market.
international cookie sample at same.
Allo aloe drink with mangosteen.
vegan raspberry parfait.
banana bread.
tortilla chips with mango salsa.
watermelon agua fresca.
ESB beer.
tilapia tacos with scallion ginger sauce,
romaine radish salad with lime dressing,
banana bread.

MON 6-6-11

banana bread.
leftover sushi rice with scallion ginger sauce.
coconut water.
Brown rice spirals with chickpeas and tomato,
green salad,
banana bread.


coconut water.
decaf coffee,
Riverwest co-op breakfast muffin.
roasted cauliflower.
clover club.
grilled chicken thighs with scallion ginger sauce,
sushi rice,
bread with miso butter,
green salad with carrot, mint, sesame,
Junior Tossals '06 red wine.

Saturday June 4th

black licorice.
oatmeal with soymilk, chopped dried fruits, agave,
costa rica campeon del valle coffee.
one egg on lebanese pita with vegenaise.
almond slices.
crackers with peanut butter.
coconut water.
at Pastiche:
marcona almonds and olives,
champagne cocktail,
arugula salad with pears and prosciutto,
chateneuf du pape,
pork mignon with green beans,
taste of sweet breads.

Friday June third milwaukee, wisconsin

Brown Rice cake with peanut butter and berry jam.
3/4 of tahitian sunset smoothie at alterra.
6 oz costa rica campeon del valle coffee.
4 oz lemon lifter.
cafe calatrava-
salmon rillette with micro greens and mini toasts,
BBQ tofu with pineapple,
cucumber water,
"petit fours" with candied almonds.
black licorice.
dark chocolate wafer bar.
peanut butter.
satellite vegan crepe.
3 flloyds alpha kind IPA.
taste of Milwaukee brewing company baltic porter.

Thursday June 2nd Milwaukee

Brown rice cake with peanut butter.
Decaf soy iced mocha.
Alterra Granola bar.
4 cold chickpeas.
leftover tofu curry,
leftover brown rice with chicpeas and Tahini sauce.
frozen babycakes oatmeal cookie sandwich.
onagiri with kimchi,
coconut water,
red quenchers gum.
brown rice and chickpeas with mint tahini sauce.
white cheddar popcorn.
marriage frere tea.
taste of George's porter.

Wednesday June 1

Iced coffee,
Super fruit Pro Bar.
Leftover tofu curry.
chocolate chip cookie sandwich.
Meringue cookie sample at Whole Foods Market.
Pineapple coconut water.
home brew,
surly furious.
chickpeas, brown rice, kale, green apple and tahini  mint sauce.
1/3 of Russ and daughters halvah bar.

Tuesday May 31 2011 NYC-MKE

1/2 of babycakes banana chocolate cupcake.
Stumptown Ethiopia coffee.
garlic herb pretzel from street cart in front of the Met.
Piece of Pro-bar in LGA.
Curried tofu with cauliflower, peas and coconut,
buttered basmati.
taste of ale asylum ambergeddon,
taste of goat killing wind beer.
2 halves of babycakes cookie sandwich.

Monday May 30 NYC

Babycakes Chocolate chip cookie sandwich.
Vita- Coco coconut water with pineapple.
Third Rail coffee iced coffee,
Ethiopia Suke Qito.
Bite of Koka Moka Pro Bar.
Steamed pork bun with sweet iced tea.
Boba Tea with champagne grape,

taste of almond Boba tea.
Black Black gum.
Clover club cocktail at Pegu Club.
Clinton Street Bakery-
Biscuits with raspberry jam and butter,
stella artois and lemonade,
fried green tomato,
sweet potato fries with guacamole, mayonaise, ketchup,
soft shell crab sandwich,
blueberry smash.
Momofuku Ssam bar-
taste of Jai Alai,
Pork buns,
Mountainside cocktail- fennel, japanese whisky, Reagan's orange bitters.

MAY 29 2011 NYC

red velvet cupcake from babycakes.
prune juice,
taste of coffee,
egg en cocotte with pullman toast and bibb lettuce salad,
ginger macerated fruit salad,
taste of stewed chickpeas,
taste of merguez lamb sausage,
taste of stewed tomato,
scottie dog shaped black licorice.
bite of Hebrew National in Times Square,
mango coconut water,
passionfruit coconut water.
At Death and Company-
Hostage Situation cocktail,
mini lobster roll,
taste of whiskey a go-go.
Roberta's- 261 Moore St. @Bogart-
white wine,
taste of red wine,
beers- Six point get safe Saison, Captains Reserve Imperial IPA, other,
foie gras with pickled rhubarb and pansy,
taste of black cod with morels,
wood fired pizza with mushrooms.
Beer Table- taste of everything,
ginger apple soda,
firestone walker union jack cask beer.

may 28 NYC

half of babycakes donut with rainbow sprinkles.
Momofuku Ko:
Averell Damson Gin Liqueur and soda,
strawberry with soy and chive,
fried octopus,
potato tube filled with caviar,
4 fishes- scallop with buttermilk and poppyseeds, mackerel with pickled red cabbage . . . .
eggplant with miso, asparagus kimchi, pickled kumquat, spring onion stuffed with creaminess,
Kimchi consomme salad with peas, radish, fava, pansy, 
dolin vermouth,
bento box:
grilled onagiri, seaweed salad, uni in cold dashi, fried lobster in nori.
Mushroom consomme and assorted mushroom (shumeji, fried enoki, oyster ...) salad with cashew brittle,
grilled trout with tiny potato salad,
bacon dashi with foamed egg,
charcuterie plate- pig face, mustard, pickled mustard seeds, rabbit terrine, 
ricotta dumpling with fried chicken skin and fried chicken broth,
brined chicken breast glued to fluffy sausage and chicken skin with fava/pea hummus,
cheese course with tiny gelled cubes of milk, green tea, pomegranate and honey,
english pea ice cream with peas, pea shoots and goat cheese poundcake,
crispy little waffle cone with miso ice cream and puffed black rice.
at the irridium- 2 glasses of sparkly french wine.
kimchi onagiri from Ko.