part of ginger date scone.
decaf soy cafe au lait with chocolate.
brown rice syrup caramel.
whole wheat vegan cheese quesadilla with mango peach salsa,
green salad with apple and tofu croutons.
more salad.
shrimp stir fry with peas and peppers,

coconut basmati rice.
chocolate coconut peanut butter frozen dessert.

wednesday march 9 2011

tangerine ginger tea.
sample of baked chip,
lime tortilla chip,
pita chip.
vegan apricot mango parfait.
coconut oskri bar.

strawberry jello.
roasted chickpeas.
cucumber with balsamic vinegar.

tuesday march 9

oatmeal with maple syrup and raisins.
iced tropical crimson tea.
elephant ear sample.
black bean quesadilla with mango salsa.
oskri dark chocolate coconut bar.
apple with peanut butter.

rishi chai flavored caramel.
green beans.
burrito with black beans and swiss chard, 
peach mango salsa,
taste of bell's two hearted and
lagunitas maximus.
whole wheat pizza crust with vegan cream cheese and nectarines.

sunday march 6

coconut waffles with peanut butter, sauteed apples, maple syrup,
pu-erh ginger tea.
more sauteed apples.
assorted berries,
strawberry jel dessert parfait.
indian quinoa salad.
corn chips.
toasted apple bread.
peppermint tea.
more berries.
taste of lakefront brewery rendezvous beer,
taste of saison home brew beer,
angel hair pasta with pesto and chicken.

taste of three hearted home brew beer.
roasted chickpeas.

saturday march 5

coconut buckwheat waffles, with strawberries and cashew butter,
bananas, maple syrup,
pu-erh ginger tea.
campesino blend coffee.
petit four,
dogfish head raison de etre.
toasted chicken sandwich with Horno Magico Mustard, caramelized onions and sauteed apples,
celeriac slaw rolled in butter lettuce leaves,