friday january 21

sesame date trail bar.
sip of Rishi soy chai with decaf espresso.
date roll.
Hector's corn chips,
tomato salsa,
chipotle salsa,
vegetarian enchiladas with refried beans and rice.
wint'o'mint candies.
outpost chocolate chip cookie,
honey vanilla chamomile tea with orange slice.

Ines rosales sweet orange tortas,
saison style home brew.
sips of guatemala hunapu coffee.
taste of potato leek soup with duck confit.
2 tiny braised pork sandwiches with pickled daikon.
tiny corned beef medallion on puff pastry.
vegan smoked tofu jumbalaya,
cherry tomato with balsamic vinegar and basil.
1/4 of whole wheat croissant.
taste of franklins "fine" chocolate nougat.


banana kale smoothie.
decaf breakfast blend with honey and soymilk.
Beans and Barley black bean burrito with medium salsa,
date roll,
brownie cake.
peppermint tea.
date roll.
black tea.
leftover tilapia.
saison style home brew.
new glarus stone soup beer,
grilled ham and "cheese" sandwich,
smokey white beans with onions and coriander,

12 yr balsamic braised collards.
brandy truffle fig.
2 chocolate covered walnuts.
1/4 of caramel.

wednesday january 19

pineapple kale smoothie.
granola bar.
ginger lentil soup,
open faced "cheese" toasts.
oskri dark chocolate coconut bar.
ines rosales torta.
Manna coconut bean dip,
pita chips,
exotic salad with quinoa, avocado and mango,
caramel apple fudge.

tuesday january 18

pineapple banana smoothie.
2 date rolls.
the Soup House spicy lentil soup,
french bread with butter pat,
peppermint tea.
2 Oskri dark chocolate coconut bars,
Ines Rosales rosemary and thyme torta.
marriage frere tea.

dried apricot.
6 peanut butter pretzels,
roasted squash.
bread crumbs.
brown rice pasta with chickpeas and kale,
red leaf lettuce salad,
roasted butternut squash with smoked salt and sherry vinegar.
apricots in brandy with cinnamon ice cream.

monday january 17

peanut butter pretzels.
alterra granola bar,
rose tea melange.
more peanut butter pretzels.
ginger parssnip soup,
green salad,
sprouted grain toast with "cheese".
date roll.
peanut butter pretzels.

chickpeas with caramelized fennel and white wine,
bread crumbs toasted in olive oil with fennel salt,
red leaf lettuce,
parmigiano reggiano,
st. cosme 2008 cotes-du-rhone.
cranberry upside down cake,
cinnamon brandy "ice cream",

sunday january 16

green smoothie,
barley porridge with walnuts, raisins and maple syrup.
caramel delite.
sips of cafe volatire coffee,
corazon chicken empanada,
black beans and rice.
peanut butter pretzels.
tiny pear,
tempeh paté,
BBQ seitan,
apple slice,

makers mark and soda,
beefeater and tonic.

saturday january 15

yogi detox tea,
jazz apple,
1 slice of toast with egg, vegenaise and truffle oil.

tangerine ginger tea.
granola bar,
3/4 of cherry almond smoothie,
sips of costa rica pour-over coffee.
dried apricots,
peanut butter pretzels.
brownie cake batter.
Corazón prawn soup,
tortilla chips,
Hot tito,
Ensalada Corazón.
Sips of beer.
italian country bread with olive oil and magical walnut mustard,
pleasant ridge reserve extra aged.
three red wines:
wild hog dolcetto,
Zorzal temperanillo,
st cosmé.
brownie cake with cinnamon brandy ice cream,
caramel delite.

yogi tea