friday january 14

apple & banana smoothie.
blueberry rooibos.
decaf soy cafe au lait with honey.
sample of potter's cracker.
vegan sausage pizza.
strawberry coconut kefir.
crostini with valdeon cheese and sauteed apple,

green salad with pecans and sherry vinegar,
tilapia with orange jam,
smoked pepper tempeh,
coconut basmati,
Dr. Loosen reisling,
cranberry upside down cake,

carpano antica.
yogi peach detox tea.

thursday january 13

banana strawberry smoothie,
yogi peach detox tea.
5 oz soy chai.
sample of oatmeal raisin cookie.
1/3 of vegan oatmeal raisin cookie.
barley flour bread,
green salad with tangelo, avocado and balsamic,
whole foods chicken barley mushroom soup,
seeduction roll,
date rolls,
african red bush tea.
popcorn with sesame oil and nutritional yeast,

apple with peanut butter,
apple with cashew butter,
tortilla chip with mrs renfro's tequila salsa,
sip of Jewbilation beer.
dried figs.

Wed jan 11

mango banana smoothie.
decaf colombia el castillo with honey and soymilk.
2/3 of vegan oatmeal raisin cookie.
petite greens with flower salt and red wine viniagrette,
lentil soup with ginger and parsnips,
date roll.
2 fuji apples with crunchy salted peanut butter.
yogi peach detox tea.

sparkling sake,
Anaba Tea Room's deep fried tea-braised eggs,
miso soup with mushroom dumplings,
mushroom noodles with walnuts and tofu.

Tue Jan 11

toasted barley flakes and pecans with agave syrup and soymilk.
tropical smoothie.
Beans and Barley's black bean burrito with mild salsa,
Newman's Own dark chocolate peanut butter cups,
cran-raspberry La Croix sparkling water.
Oskri dark chocolate coconut bar.
chickpeas with caramelized fennel and crispy bread crumbs,

white wine.
date roll.

monday january 10

buckwheat pancake with honey and cashew butter.
chamomile tea,
and another cup of chamomile tea.
oskri dark chocolate coconut bar.
leftover cabbage with basmati.
date rolls,

buckwheat pancake with honey and cashew butter, again.
tuna salad with capers and celery.
date rolls,
peppermint tea.

tofu kale stir fry with carrots and ginger,
chili-garlic millet.
date roll.
milk chocolate covered walnut.

sunday january 9

yogi tea,
organic fuji apple.
buckwheat pancakes with cashew butter, honey, sautéed fuji apples,
genmaicha tea.
tropical fruit sauce,
blueberry granola.
dried mango,
chamomile honey tea,
organic fuji apple with portugeuse sea salt.
buckwheat pancake.
spinach salad with orange and kalamata olive,

cabbage with golden raisins, basmati and dill.