saturday december 11

carrot raisin bread with butter.
passion fruit sunhats.
emergen-C with orange seltzer.
leftover chickpea curry with buttered basmati.
crumpet with marmalade.
bean burgers with shichimi togarashi and hot house tomato slices on toast,

yukon gold oven fries with hot mustard sauce,

green salad with roasted beets and pomegranate molasses,

Thelema cabernet sauvignon, South Africa.
Indulgence dark chocolate with cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

friday december 10

emergen-C with OJ.
half of a cinnamon pecan biscotti,
alterra holiday blend.
half of a soy latte.
two slices of sprouted grain toast with earth balance.
beans and barley's pumpkin soup,
roll with butter,
garden salad with tahini dressing,
feta butter,
passion fruit gummies.
black tea,
carrot raisin bread.
Corazón's mussels with white wine and chorizo,
herb tofu tacos,
tortilla chips and green salsa,
mango dum dum.
wint'o'mint candies.
sweetwater's special celery cilantro cocktail.
piece of candy cane.
makers mark and soda.

thurs december 9

pecan chocolate chip cookies.
emergen-C with cran grape juice.
emergen-C with pineapple and sporTea.
alterra granola bar.
pita chips and sabra red pepper hummus.
white wine.
maggie's springroll with peanut sauce.
red wine.
mexican wedding cookie?
carrots, carrot juice.
lentil soup with parsnips,
grilled "cheese" sandwich,
arugula salad with olive oil.
taste of saison beer.
bombón de higo.

weds dec 8

tropical emergen-C with pineapple.
alterra organic holiday blend coffee.
tropical emergen-C with pineapple juice and sporTea.

sprouted 7 grain toast with vegenaise, 2 eggs fried in butter and truffle oil.

chocolate macaroon.
arugula salad with lemon dressing and pomegranate,
chicken paillard with tomatoes, fennel and olives,

pasta shells with parmesan,
cotes du rhone red wine,
brandy ganache stuffed fig.

tue dec 7

tropical emergen-C with pineapple juice and seltzer.

pecan chocolate chip cookies.
tropical emergen-C with lemon seltzer.
leftover tofu with bok choy and brown rice.
sprouted grain toast with earth balance.
dark chocolate with cranberries and pumpkin seeds.
chickpea curry with coconut and spinach, and lime,

basmati with freis von kiels butter,
palo santo marron dogfish head,
dark chocolate with cranberries and pumpkin seeds.


whole wheat toast with earth balance and apricot jam.
chocolate pecan cookie.
cranberry pumpkin seed chocolate from Indulgence.
decaf double soy latte.
pecan chocolate chip cookie.
salad with shaved carrots, cucumbers, balsamic vinaigrette.
open faced mushroom burger with spinach & pickled onions,
french fries,
sips of pinot noir, malbec.
chocolate brandy truffle filled fig.

Sunday Dec. 5

emergen-C with pomegranate.
breakfast pizza with kale, eggs, early girl tomato sauce,

Guatemala Hunapu coffee,
1/2 pecan chocolate chip cookie.
wint'o'mints x10
absinthe rouge,
indulgence chocolates, cacao nib and milk chocolate sea salt.
sausages and beans,

whole wheat bread,

seared kale with pomegranate,

four vines zinfandel,
pecan chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday December 4 2010

savoy cabbage and parmesan skin soup with kale garnish.
barley-meal with diced apple, honey and soymilk,
emergen-C with pomegranate.
Shells with butter and fresh black pepper.
toasted pecans,
chocolate chips,
chocolate chip cookie dough,
pecan chocolate chip cookie.

miso with potato and onion,

bok choy with tofu,

short grain brown rice.
chocolate chip cookie.
3 oz. spotted cow.
emergen-C with seltzer and lime.
cold potato and onion miso.