May 3 Thursday

peanut butter and strawberry jam on smooshy wheat bread.
colombia el castillo coffee, black.
sporTea diluted with water.
half decaf soy latte with honey, vigorously blended.
roasted golden beet salad with fennel salt and a fried egg,
banana bread.
sunflower seeds.
maple shredded wheat with almond milk.
home brew.
garlic ginger tofu,
sweet potato rice,
sesame seed crusted kale,
.5 oranges.
candied ginger.
salted almonds.
7 garlic ginger tofu cubes.

May 2 Wednesday

peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich,
single leaf of baby arugula.
half of spicy dulce de leche brownie.
lightly salted corn tortilla chips,
hummus sandwich on whole grain bread,
grape zevia soda pop.
lightly salted tortilla chips.
pre-carbonated beer.
taste of pale ale.
chickpea hand pies with caraway, caramelized carrots and mint,

goat-yogurt chive sauce.
p.s. I wrote the recipe down for you. click.

May 1 Tuesday

half curried egg salad sandwich.
black coffee,
raspberry mango smoothie.
banana bread,
more coffee.
tortilla chips,
mild salsa,
roasted sweet potato burrito.
vanilla oat cookies.
banana bread.
chickpea saute with goat yogurt-tahini sauce and caraway carrots,
brown basmati,
fried egg,
le bouc white wine,
circadian beer.