Oct. 4 Happy Birthday to my Sister!

banana bread - big chunk.
several small cups of coffee - sulawesi toraja.
lemon la croix sparkling water.
more banana bread.
cubes of cold leftover tofu.
small yellowfin tuna sandwich,
almond milk yogurt with nutty nuggets.
emergen-C with apple cider and lemon la croix sparkling water.
one more cube of cold leftover tofu.
"frittata" of roquefort, roasted tomatoes & caramelized onion in sandwiches with growing power greens,
black licorice scottie dog.
more banana bread.


rocky road halo bar.
double espresso,
2 oz soy chai chaser.
open faced roasted tomato sandwich with tarragon mustard sauce,
q bel peanut butter stick,
kind bar,
stir fried bok choy with herbed tofu, fermented black beans, butter,
basmati rice,
sauvignon blanc.
banana bread with chocolate chips.

sunday 10.2.11

half of Halo bar.
guatemala mountain of flowers coffee.
potato chips.
leftover mushroom pie.
chipotle maple nuts.
Scott's tomato jam with
waffle pretzels,

various home brews.
pork posole,

green zebra salsa.

saturday 10.1.11

apple pie.
raisin bread toast with butter.
leftover cheese grits.
chipotle maple nuts.
peanut butter Q-bel stick.
cinnamon puff pastry twist.
gallo beer.
peanut butter pretzel.
single shot of guatemala mountain of flowers espresso.
mariage freres tea,
raisin bread.

friday September 30

guatemala Hunapu coffee.
beans and barley chili,
toast with green olive and tarragon tapenade.
dried peaches,
roasated nuts,
roasted apples,
assorted wisconsin cheeses with
pan co santi, wisconsin honey, plums, concord grapes.

white wine.
maple chipotle nuts.
salad of chicory, oven dried tomato, butter lettuce,
pork with ancho chile,
carr valley smoked cheddar grits,
mushroom tarragon puff pie,
wild rice and carrot salad,
pickled cucumbers,
apple pie,
guatemala hunapu coffee.
home brew.
Bear racer beer.