saturday august 6

apple cinnamon toastie slice.
iced costa rica coffee.
hemp oatmeal with raisins and coconut milk.
coconut oskri bar.

steak taco,
skwinkles rellenos,



fresh lichi.
Deanne's Kombucha.


Tortilla chips.
Lentil salad,
sweet corn with chipotle butter,
goat gouda,
red wine,
basmati rice,
orange and avocado salad,
tiny hazelnut pecan bar.

friday august 5

alterra granola.
iced coffee.
el rey spicy lemon tortilla chips.
leftover chicken with vegenaise on Ryvita crisp.
green beans,
yellow wax beans.
tofu provencal,

buttered long grain white rice,
mica white wine,
half of rice dream frozen pie.

thursday august 4

zucchini muffin.
iced coffee.
tomato and vegan gourmet quesadilla with salsa.
half of chocolate rice dream pie.
roasted chicken with beer gravy on biscuits,

chard with fried onions,
circadian pale ale,
nalebiter pale ale.
vodka lime cocktail,
keylime pie,
taste of whiskey tea cocktail.

Wednesday August3

iced coffee.
iced coffee.
leftover chicken salad on Ryvita crackers.
leftover pasta with walnut sauce.
tortilla chips and guac at Corazon,
and iced tea with pineapple juice.
sesame seeds.
japanese cabbage salad,
onagiri with kimchi rice and avocado,
miso with chives and arzak egg,

nalebiter beer.

tuesday august 2

zucchini muffin.
iced coffee.
taste of leftover brown rice pasta with walnut sauce.
Lunch at Anaba Tea room- Vietnamese Shrimp salad,
Iced Blood orange Pu-Erh tea,
matcha tart,
bite of Prosciutto and avocado sandwich.
paloma at La Merenda.
Dinner at INdustri Cafe- Wisco Sour,
grilled endive,
steak fries,
hamburger with orange marmalade and roquefort,
grissini with assorted compound butters,
chicken salad with golden raisins and almonds in endive cups.
assorted chocolates from Times Square Bistro and Pizzeria.

Monday August 1

zucchini muffin.
iced coffee.
BBq potato chip sample at Whole Foods Market.
Rice Dream frozen pie.
Amy's black bean burrito with mango salsa.
brown rice penne with walnut sauce, fresh tomatoes, basil and zucchini,
founder's IPA.

sunday july 31

maple shredded wheat with almond milk and raisins.
apple cinnamon toastie,
zucchini muffins.
chicken bratwurst with truffle mustard,
Oskar Blue's Gubna beer.
bean curd with fermented black beans and scallion,
basmati rice,

saturday july 30th

breakfast salad with bacon, edamame, fried eggs and tomato,

remaining candy.
maui onion chips.
dinner at Tess- Pork Lumpia,
california white wine,
bread and butter,
wedge salad,
scallops with black rice, grape reduction, green beans,
taste of poorly executed panna cotta.