rice cakes with honey and almond butter.

colombia el castillo.
red bean soup with avocado,
butter lettuce salad with vinegar.
pecan hazelnut bar.
peanuts and chocolate chips.
green beans, raw and blanched.
Torpedo juice cocktail.
coconut flakes,
currried tofu with chard,
brown rice,
mango chutney,
saison beer,
half of crispy chocolate rice bar.

wednesday july 20

ginger date scone.
at Cafe Tarragon-
great lakes bean burger with avocado,
mustard rice chips,
apricots with mint,
vegan gluten free cake.
taste of risotto frittata.
beet greens and avocado,
2 oranges.
pecan hazelnut bar.

Tuesday July 19

Raspberry smoothie with spirutein.
Hemp protein granola bar.
Colombia el Castillo coffee. Lentil soup with olive oil,
El rey spicy tostada.
Taste of Rwanda iced coffee.
Rocket pop.
Bluestocking Society cocktail.
El Rey spicy tostada and avocado.

Monday July 18

Hemp protein bar.
Blueberry scone.
Sport tea.
Bbq tofu wrap with extra bbq sauce.
Almond truffle bar.
El rey spicy tostada.
Joel gott sauvignon blanc,
Parisienne mussels,
Taste of goose island matilda,
Half of oyster po boy,
Pancetta Brussels sprouts.
Remains of almond truffle bar.
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saturday 6 17

chocolate chips.
rice cakes with peanut butter and honey,
assorted beers,
more chocolate.

fri 6-15

almond butter and jam on toast.
sample of triple chocolate muffin.
iced chai.
quesadilla with false cheese, BBQ sauce.
dark chocolate crispy wafer candy bar.
risotto with fresh peas, saffron and risotto,

green salad,
white wine.
chocolate chips.