Thursday July 14

Almond butter and berry preserves on whole grain bread.
Sample of chocolate muffin,
4 ounces of Delta Mud coffee.
Lentil and "cheese" quesadilla.
greens smoothie.
lacroix lime water.
vegetable radiatore pasta with pecorino and butter.
almond butter and berry preserves on whole grain bread.

Wednesday July13

Cherry almond smoothie.
Ancient emerald lily green tea.
2 oz white chocolate frappe.
Veggie booty.
Coconut chocolate oskri bar.
Curried tofu salad sandwich.
Half of ice cream sandwich.
veggie booty.
peach chicks.
rosemary lentils and mushroom pilaf,
green salad.

tuesday july 12

honey nut rice cakes,
summertime iced coffee.
black bean burrito with medium salsa from beans and barley,
peach chicks.

taste of pecorino,
pizza with white beans, pecorino, rosemary and sausage.
more peach chicks.
delicious french white wine.

monday july 11

leftover blueberry pancake.
alterra granola,
summertime iced coffee.
veggie booty.
lentil soup.
taste of ricotta,
roasted baby tomatoes.

sunday july 10

Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup,

rice chips and white bean hummus.
grilled blue potato pizza with egg on top,

romaine salad with tomato and cucumber,
red wine.
banana split ice cream sandwich.

saturday july 9

fried egg on naan with basil.
vegan raspberry poppy muffin,
gunpowder green tea at Brewed Awakenings in Appleton, WI.
rice chips and white bean hummus.
lime lacroix.
cazadores margarita,
shrimp taco, BLT taco,
black beans at Bel Air Cantina.

friday july 8th

granola bar.
4 oz delta mud.
tiny iced soy latte.
lentil soup,
iceberg lettuce salad,
banana split ice cream sandwich.
freeze dried mango.
fresh peas, strawberries.
BBQ popchips.
white wine,
spinach crepes with parmesan,

balsamic strawberry salad.