alterra granola,
rwanda buremera and broken biscotti,
decaf iced soy mocha.
sample of two bite brownie at whole foods market,
coconut water,
lime flavored tortilla chips,
biscoffs with soyatoo whipped topping,
toasted hazelnuts,
baby green salad with sherry vinegar,
leftover roasted zucchini terrine with lemon "ricotta",
2008 Fuedo Arancio Sicilian Pinot Noir,
"ice cream" with warm pecan-filbert pie topping.

June 29 wednesday

honey nut rice cakes.
mango smoothie,
4 oz of granola.
Iced coffee.
peanut butter pretzels.
Dulche de leche frozen dessert with crushed toasted hazelnuts,
coconut fudge frozen dessert.
leftover roasted zucchini terrine with lemon "ricotta".
rice and pea griddle cakes with japanese seven spice,
sesame mirin sauce,
taste of nale biter beer,
miso with scallions,
gin gimlet.

more icecream.

June 28

Iced soy latte,
chocolate chip cookie.
dulche de leche frozen dessert,
toasted hazelnuts.
cucumber peach mocktail.
roasted zucchini terrine with lemon "ricotta",
cucumber carpaccio,
dulche de leche frozen soy dessert with toasted hazelnuts.

Monday june 27th

honey nut rice cakes with almond butter and honey,
triple iced soy latte,
rwanda buremera coffee.
half of mango smoothie with spirutein,
peach almond yogurt,
BBq tofu wrap.
Gin gimlet,
Sourdough toast with miso butter,
miso soup with tofu  and scallion,
salad of radish fennel and basil.

Sunday June 26th

half of pecan bar.
chocolate sunflower seeds,
half of english muffin with butter and four fruits jam,
english muffin with canadian bacon, egg, pleasant ridge reserve,
grapes and cantaloupe.
Gin and tonic,
prosciutto wrapped melon,
avocado melon skewers,
nectarine salad,
chicken and wild rice salad,
white wine,
baby green salad with goat cheese, blackberries and golden beets,
taste of red wine,
pecan bar.

Saturday June 25

pecan bar scraps.
spinach mango smoothie,
buttered toast,
pecan bar pieces.
toasted hazelnuts.
peanut butter pretzel.
coffee and more pecan bar.
Taste of Pranqster beer.
At Paddock Club-
German reisling,
bread and butter,
pork belly, roasted grapes, arugula salad with pine nuts,
half of caesar salad,
Washington pinot noir
veal cheeks, spaetzle and red cabbage,
vanilla panna cotta with raspberry.
makers mark and soda.
taste of dales pale ale.
gummy raspberry and blackberry,
pecan bar,
chocolate sunflower seeds.

Friday June 24

honey nut rice cakes with honey and almond butter,
egg salad on toast.
spinach and mangetout with sesame mirin sauce.
glazed chocolate donut.
BBQ pop chips from Trader Joe's.
Spinach smoothie with mango,
fresh peas,
taste of triple karmelite clone,
rice cakes.
nuts and pecan bar scraps.

thursday june 23

honey nut rice cakes with almond butter and honey.
chunks of banana bread.
whole wheat quesadilla with cashew cheese and mango salsa.
chocolate donut.
iced black tea.
nalebiter beer,
radish canapé with miso butter and chives.
rice with peas and mirin,
fried shiitakes,
fried egg,
spinach and mangetout with sesame mirin sauce,
miso with scallion,
triple karmelite clone.
chocolate donut.

wednesday June 22

2 chocolate cake donuts.
2 oz alterra granola.
Tilt-a-whirl coffee.
oskri coconut almond bar,
dried mango.
egg salad sandwich with mustard and butter lettuce.
green smoothie,
rice cake with almond butter and honey,
golden beet and lentil salad with hazelnuts and mint.
chocolate donut.

Tuesday June 21st

chocolate glazed donuts,
Rwanda Buremera coffee (@Boerner)
@La Reve- Saison du Pont,
moule en frite,
monk's cafe,
green salad,
tuna sandwich with cucumber.
another baked chocolate donut.
Loire valley sparkling wine,
Grilled ono with sesame sauce,
basmati rice,
butter lettuce salad with peaches and hazelnuts,
2 half donuts.

Monday June 20th

Honey nut rice cakes,
1/2 decaf iced soy latte.
4 oz alterra granola.
lentil soup,
pea shoots with mirin peanut sauce.
leftover lentil beet salad with hazelnuts.
chocolate donut batter.
chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.
baked chocolate donut.
leftover el ray lemon chips.
bean soup with bacon.
1/2 sprouted grain english muffin,
Nalebiter beer.
Bittercube cocktail,
Bittercube champagne cocktail with lemon and Trader Vic's.

Sunday June 19th

whole wheat and italian bread toast with I can('t) believe it's not butter,
and strawberry jam,
decaf coffee,
handfuls of salted peanuts,
chocolate chip cookies.
chocolate cupcake with frosting.
golden beet and lentil salad with hazelnuts and mint,
pea shoots with japanese peanut sauce.
oven roasted cherry tomato,
jumilla red wine,
graham crackers,
taste of three whiskeys,

saturday june 18

agua de coco.
2 eggs, lemony pea shoots on sprouted grain english muffin.
negra modelo,
pork sandwich.
emily and colin's wedding saison,
special wedding cocktail,
three wishes red wine,
roll with butter,
green beans,
minted potatoes,
green salad with pear and candied walnuts,
wild rice salad,
chicken breast with prosciutto and ricotta,
cherry pie,
bourbon and soda,
apple pie.
Aldi chocolate chip cookies.

friday june 17th

rice cakes.
iced coffee.
shrimp avocado roll.
chocolate cupcake.
rye old fashioned in you and me glasses.

white wine,
tortilla chips and guacamole,
caduceus red wine,
tiny toasts with tapenade,
pita pizza with leeks and feta.

wednesday june 15th

tamari rice cakes.
papua new guinea kimel coffee.
alterra granola,
el Rey lime chips.
cold scallop taco with mango salsa.
leftover shrimp.
tofu tacos with cilantro and avocado.

tuesday june 14th

chocolate cupcake no frosting.
iced coffee.
alterra granola bar.
marcona almonds.
chocolate frosting.
cashew cheese quesadilla with mango salsa,
iceberg lettuce salad.
a chocolate cupcake with frosting.
tastes of scott's home brew.
taste of Nalebiter.
tamari rice cakes.

monday june 13th

chocolate cupcake.
blended iced soy latte.
cashew cheese quesadilla with mango salsa,
iceberg salad with peach dressing and almonds.
chocolate frosting.
from chipotle- half of a pork burrito,
tortilla chips and guacamole,
dry soda.