Sunday june 12 2011

chocolate frosting.
grape and berry coconut water.
marcona almonds.
toast and egg with truffle mustard.
taste of french press coffee,
taste of corn bread egg bake,
1/2 of powdered donut.
more marcona almonds.
chocolate frosting.
chocolate cake.
radish on fresh bread with miso butter and chive,

nale biter beer.
grilled chorizo, scallop and shrimp with sage pesto and polenta,
white wine,
another white wine,
arugula endive and peach salad with marcona almonds,
boulevardier cocktail,
chocolate birthday cupcake with raspberry and vanilla frosting.

sat june 11 2011 MKE

banana bread with frosting (I made).
bread (I made) with earth balance.
iced green tea.
newmans own black licorice twist.
peanut butter toast with agave.

seedless table grapes.
colombia el castillo coffee.
leftover pasta with tomato and chickpeas.
more grapes.
radishes on toast with miso butter and chives.
beer cocktail with matilda.
various beer samples.
newmans own black licorice.
cherry cream soda.
1/4 frozen oatmeal cookie sandwich.
cornmeal crusted tilapia with mango salsa and basmati rice.
marcona almonds.
chocolate frosting.

friday june 10

cold Mediterranean lentil soup.
3/4 of almond biscotti.
iced coffee.
brazil FSA coffee.
shrimp avocado rolls and
honey ginger inari from whole foods market.
iced genmaicha green tea.
tortilla chips.
gin tasting at home - plymouth, deaths door, hendricks, beefeater.
beer cocktail with Quollfrisch.
foam of clover club with plymouth gin.
scallops with nori and seven spice,
arugula salad with avocado, scallion ginger sauce, toasted sesame oil and
sticky white sushi rice.