frid apri 29

thursday ap 28

thursday april 28 2011

mint chocolate builder bar.
colombia huila reserva coffee.
trail mix with peanut m&m's, raisins, peanuts.
green salad with raspberries, avocado balsamic vinaigrette,
rye toast.
dried apricots.
angel food cake with jam and a raspberry.
mint leaf.
occasional IPA beer.
grilled pineapple.

wed april 27

granola bar.
iced ethiopia harar coffee.
tiny iced masala chai.
happy avocado salad,
lentil soup,
vegan vanilla mousse parfait.
sliced black olives,
grape tomatoes,

tuesday april 26

toasted rye with butter,
peanut butter pretzels.
decaf soy au lait.
sesame trail bar.
fennel-veal loaf on toast.
cashew cookie lara bar.
peanut butter pretzels.
tamari rice crackers.

pineapple apple kiwi fruit salad.

monday apri 25

salted crunchy peanut butter and mixed berry conserve on sprouted grain toast.
sugar free raspberry and vanilla soy latte.
colombia huila reserva coffee.

vegan breakfast bagel from river west co op,
2 dark chocolate coconut oskri bars.
tootsie rolls.
caramelized fennel veal-loaf sandwich with bibb lettuce and truffle mustard,
spinach and roasted pepper salad with balsamic vinegar,
occasional IPA,
chocolate coconut mochi.

Sunday april 24

oatmeal with strawberries, kiwi and apple.

saturday april 23

peanut butter toast,