thursday apr 14

two slices of sprouted cinnamon raisin toast.
pure black iced tea.
1 slightly shriveled clementine.
vanilla wafer sample from whole foods market,
raspberry danish sample from whole foods market.
whole wheat tortilla with "cheese" tofu patty, and tequila lime salsa.

toasted almonds.

dried mango.
Smokehouse almond crackers.
taste of Gumball #1 (beer).
half glass of renegade wine,
arugula salad with roasted grapes, chicken, walnuts and lemon vinaigrette,

half of a pink lady apple.

wednesday april 13

partial, leftover tofu burger,
sprouted cinnamon raisin toast with earth balance.
burundi coffee.
decaf soy cafe au lait with chocolate.
carob and greens energy bites.
Smokehouse almond crackers.
toasted almonds.
roasted chickpeas with shchimi togarashi.
leftover tofu patty.
g'knight beer.
lentil tacos with cilantro, onion, lime, cholula.

more kiwi.

tuesday april 12

sprouted cinnamon raisin bread with earth balance.
soy chai.
gala apple.
tiger bite tacos- pho, beef, chicken.
poppyseed cake with lemon icing.
toasted almonds.
tofu burger on sprouted grain roll with citron vert mustard,

avocado, grapefruit and roasted golden beet salad,
renegade wine.

monday april 11

2 small slices of poppy seed cake.

toasted almonds.
minty green tea.
mango peach ginger smoothie with an extra banana.
1 oz of dark chocolate frappé.
1/2 apple turnover.
corn chips.
vegan tempeh reuben.
more poppyseed cake.

Sunday April 10

mushroom and spinach omelette,
cinnamon raisin toast,
guatemala hunapu coffee.
tortilla chips.
toasted almonds.
raw, frozen chocolate chip cookie.
socca with mushroom ragout,

roasted beet salad with miso dressing,

dale's pale ale clone,

poppy seed cake with bittercube's lemon liqueur icing.

saturday april 9

oatmeal with almond milk, agave, raisins, walnuts,
guatemala hunapu coffee.
lentil soup,
cinnamon raisin sprouted grain toast with butter.
multi grain chips.
fruit roll up.
part of banana.

dried apricot.
chocolate mint cliff bar.
Hinterland fish taco,
chorizo taco,
Dr Loosen Reisling,
taste of bourbon barrel porter,
pork rillette with pickled spring vegetables and mustard.
Bittercube's To Please, To Educate.
taste of Capital Ale.

friday april 8

granola bar.
soy hot chocolate.
decaf soy cafe au lait with chocolate.
strawberry fruit roll up.
dried apricot.
multi grain chips.
ichiban's green tea,
happy avocado,
seaweed salad,
spider roll,
flake maki,
avocado roll,
asahi beer.