Sat mar 19

toasted almonds.
green tea.
riverwest co-op vegan breakfast muffin.
G.T. Daves Trilogy Kombucha,
oskri honey mint patty.
dried mango.
stella artois,
cold roll with butter(?),
house salad,
1 pork rib,
steak fries.

Friday March 18

toasted almonds.

chunk of cowboy cookie.
granola bar.
soy latte.
leftover cabbage salad with miso dressing and baked tofu.
tortilla chips.
champagne cocktail,
marcona almonds,
mixed olives,
merguez lamb sausage with polenta,
frisee salad with poached egg and roquefort,
another champagne cocktail,
skatewing with buerre blanc, capers, spinach,
potatoes dauphinoise,
taste of duckling breast,
taste of languedoc,
angela's lemon tart.
Stillwater/Mikkeller Two Gypsies IPA.
Maker's mark and soda.

Thursday March 17

leftover rhubarb tart.
decaf coffee.

part of 1 bright green shamrock cookie.
leftover capellini with pesto and chicken.
sweet potato.
sweet potato falafel with tahini.
cabbage with peas,
basmati rice,
pickle relish,
half of a samosa with hot cilantro sauce,
1983 red wine.

Wednesday March 16

two eggs on toast with vegenaise.
iced rishi masala chai.
granola bar.
summer lemon black tea.
whole foods tofu salad in toasted pita.

half of sea salt caramel.
panda black licorice.
taste of gumball head clone home brew.
taste of scott's home brew.
some chorizo and sage pesto.
cabbage slaw with miso dressing, caramelized onions and baked tofu.
bells two hearted- taste.
strawberry rhubarb crisp.

tuesday march 15

peanut butter and jelly on toast.
half decaf soy au lait.
black iced tea.
Dan's special pizza with vegan cheese, kalamata olives, mushrooms and diced serrano pepper.
macchiato chocolate,
pebbles chocolate,
half of almond lemon chocolate.

pomegranate acai hint mints.
white chocolate raspberry,

roasted carrots with dukkah,
15 bean soup,
green salad with pomegranate molasses and pecans and apricots.
half of a lemon almond chocolate,
half of a sea salt caramel.

Monday March 14

two eggs on toast with vegenaise.
sample of pumpkin bread.
minty green tea.
decaf soy mocha.
oskri dark chocolate coconut bar.
whole wheat quesadilla with mango peach salsa.
tortilla chips.
taste of bean stew.
Coa chips and salsa,
taste of cervesa,
bite of rib,
mango avocado salsa.
coconut oskri bar.

Sunday March 13

anna's ginger thins.
peppermint tea.
olive tartine with poached eggs,
kale with tomato and garlic,
Corn chips.
Roasted chickpeas.
Root's seitan taquitos,
taste of central water's coffee beer,
Butternut squash salad with guanciale and apple,
corned beef and cabbage,
and potatoes, and carrots,
taste of red wine.
RIverwest Co-op's carrot cake,
half of coconut chocolate oskri bar.

Saturday March 12

half of ginger date scone.
hot raspberry emergen-C.
The green Owl's green salad,
passion fruit Kombucha,
vegan schnitzel with roasted red potatoes and broccoli,
vegan banana cream pie.
part of flyer bar,
some Divine mint chocolate.
grilled "cheese" with confit tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms,
cucumber salad,
home brew.
Anna's Ginger thins.

Friday March 11

sesame trail bar.
iced crimson passion tea.
toast with earth balance and honey.
peppermint tea.
quinoa salad.
tortilla chips.
roasted chickpeas.
sparkling white wine,
breadsticks with coffee chile butter and lime butter,
scallops rockefeller with lime mayo,
roasted salmon with fried rice,
taste of skirt steak with gorgonzola potatoes.
2 Bittercube cocktails.
To Please, To Educate,
taste of Valentino #2,
taste of Unfortunate lady.