saturday february 5

blueberry granola with almond milk.
toast with earth balance and blackberry jam.
ginger chews.
oatmeal golden raisin cookie.
leftover beet gnocchi with parsley pesto.
salad of arugula and beets with orange,
mediterranean lentil soup,
saison style home brew,
Apremont white wine,
yogi peach detox tea.
chocolate chip raisin cookie.
ginger chews.
chicken curry,
multi grain crackers,
central waters ouisconsing beer,
basmati rice.

friday february 4

toast with blackberry jam and earth balance.

earl grey tea with honey and soy milk x 2.
sugar-free vegan "chocolate chip cookie".
beet gnocchi.
taste of lamb and Taleggio.

quinoa pilaf with Mediterranean lentil soup,
beet salad.
ginger chews.
cookie dough.
beet gnocchi with hazelnut pesto,
Apremont white wine.
oatmeal golden raisin cookies.

thursday feb 3

granola bar.
earl grey tea with honey.
tortilla chips.
tempeh reuben.
mango lolly.
oskri dark chocolate coconut bar,
honey mint patty.
sip of almond milk.
vanilla sleepytime tea.
beet mashed potato.
beet salad with orange and radicchio,

Mediterranean lentil soup with parsley,

buttered toast,
schild estate red wine.

wednesday february 2

yogi peach detox tea.
cherry jolly rancher.
pretzel crisps.
leftover tempeh stir fry with rice,
apple with peanut butter.
poppycock with pecans.
sprouted grain toast with blackberry jam.
almond butter.

tuesday february 1

cran-date bar.
breakfast blend coffee.
gala apple,
pretzel crisps,
a chocolate chip.
lamb and waffles with fig,

green salad,
2007 Schild Estate wine.
more waffle.

Mon Jan 31

rishi pure black iced tea with lemon.
sesame trail bar.
pretzel crisps sample,
cinnamon bread sample.
pretzel crisps.
blister peanuts,
sticky walnut tart filling.

green smoothie.
dried fig.
more blister peanuts.
sparkling white wine,
sparkling white wine cocktail with wildflower honey, jamaican #1 bitters & orange peel.
ginger lentils on greens,
1/2 slice of toasted bread with sea salt and olive oil.
rabitos royale.
more sticky walnut tart filling.

sunday jan 30

little donut holes.

sprouted grain toast with almond butter and blackberry jam.
green smoothie,
sprouted grain toast with earth balance and blackberry jam.
chocolate mint candies.
small coffee.
rabitos royale.
blister peanuts.
quinoa pilaf with black beans, beet greens, avocado and an egg on top.
crispin "the saint" cider.

dried figs.