saturday january 29

quinoa pilaf with black beans and avocado.
apple with almond butter.
yogi peach detox tea.
quinoa pilaf with black beans, salsa, avocado and one egg on top.
Times Square Chocolate.
Rabitos royale,
three dried figs.
Ines Rosales Olive oil torta.
blister peanuts,
yogi peach detox tea.

friday january 28

raspberry banana smoothie.
granola bar.
pineapple sample at whole foods,
pretzel thin sample at whole foods,
chocolate cookie sample at whole foods.
leftover tempeh stir fry,
date roll.
ginger tea.
apple with almond butter.
cold leftover tempeh stir fry.
9 black beans.
garden salad with italian - balsamic dressing and croutons,
dan's vegan pizza at marchese's olive pit,
gumball head.
peanut butter chocolate,
peanut butter pretzel caramel chocolate,
lavendar chocolate,
ginger chocolate.

Thursday January 27

leftover bean patties.
granola bar.
decaf breakfast blend with chocolate.
oskri honey mint.
2 ines rosales sweet olive oil tortas.
two fried eggs crammed into a tiny whole wheat pita with fresh greens and vegenaise.
half a tiny whole wheat pita pocket with almond butter.
braeburn apple.
stir fry of tempeh, napa cabbage and carrot,

raw honey mint pattie,
oskri dark chocolate coconut bar.

wednesday january 26

chocolate chip walnut cookies.
earl grey tea with soy milk and honey.
date roll.
chamomile vanilla honey tea.
abuelita hot chocolate.
corazon vegan taco lunch plate with soyrizo.
Franklin's "fine" dark cherry chocolate.
small taste of Franklin's "fine" peanut butter chocolate.
two more choco cookies.
yogi peach detox tea.
sparkling water.
oven french fries,

white bean patties with truffle mustard and vegenaise stuffed in a mini pita pocket.
salted caramel chocolate.

tuesday january 25

granola bar.
earl grey tea with soy milk and honey.
iced black tea with apple juice.
date roll.
sips of Riesling,
cashew hummus with dill and pita chips,
green juice,
tu-no melt with cashew cheese.
barley flour chocolate chip walnut cookie.
yogi peach detox tea.
lupulin maximus imperial pale ale.

remains of tun-no melt with cashew cheese.
bite of pickle.
apple with almond butter.
vegan choco-walnut barley flour cookie.
dogfish head namaste beer.
taste of homebrewed Gumballhead clone.

monday january 24

3 walnut chocolate chip cookies made with barley flour and brown rice syrup.
earl grey tea with honey.
3 more cookies.
samples of domestic and italian taleggio cheese.
whole wheat macaroni with cashew cheese,
green salad,
serbian cookie,
braeburn apple with almond butter.
white beans with smoked sea salt and coriander and maple syrup,

fresh greens,
burnt garlic pita toasts with pamesan,
Hahn 2007 Meritage red table wine.
barley choco-walnut cookies.
serbian cookies.

sunday january 23

dried aprocot.
chocolate chip cookie dough.

caramel apple spice turnover,
guatemala hunapu  via V60.

brown rice penne and cashew cheese with spike.
half of a serbian cookie.
chocolate chip cookies,
vanilla chamomile honey tea.
green salad,
with more pasta and cashew cheese.

saturday january 22

sprouted grain toast with earth balance and apricot jam,
yogi peach detox tea.
peppermint tea.
blueberry granola,
1.5 jazz apples,
date roll with walnuts.
leftover chickpea with kale pasta,
brown rice penne with cashew cheese.
date roll.
montbazillac white dessert wine.
yering station white wine.
roasted chicken with truffle mustard,
alma rosa la encantada pinot noir,

herbed tofu in a jacket,
salade rachel,
roasted mushroom risotto,
caramel apple spice turnovers.

serbian cookies.
yering station white wine.