saturday january 8

toasted barley flakes and pecans with vanilla almond milk,

vanilla hazelnut yogi tea.
leftover chicken curry with brown rice.
coconut date roll,
sleepytime tea.
1/2 pear.
dried mango.
adzuki bean "brownies".
spinach salad with grapefruit and pecans,
ginger parsnip soup with le puy lentils and truffle oil,
brown rice mochi,
sips of lagunitas brown sugar.

friday january 7

toasted barley flakes and pecans with almond milk.
half avocado with savory crisps.
leftover pomegranate-spice glazed roast of brussels sprouts, red pepper and chickpeas,
date rolls.
spoonful of cashew butter.
sweet potato and chicken curry,

pomegranate seeds,
basmati rice with saffron.
honey roasted chickpeas.

thursday january 6

toasted barley flakes and pecans with almond milk.
rose tea melange.
1 ambrosia chocolate chip.
Hi-fi's lentil soup,
japanese salad with ginger dressing.
fuji apple.

sauvignon blanc,
la reve's Mixed Greens with Shaved Radish and Dijon Vinaigrette,
pommes frites,
provençal fish stew with mussels, shrimp, and whitefish in a tomato and saffron broth,
raspberry macaroon.
potato chip crumbs.
pomegranate seeds.

wednesday january 5

mango banana smoothie.
decaf mexico kulaktik coffee.
sporTea with apple cider.
savory rice crackers,
chickpea spread with sherry vinegar and sumac.
yogi fasting tea.
black eyed peas with coriander and basil over mixed greens with pomegranate.
toasted pecans and barley flakes,
leftover winter citrus salad with orange flower water.
yogi tea.
pomegranate-spice glazed roast of brussels sprouts, red pepper and chickpeas,

with extra coconut milk,
pomegranate molasses,
salad greens.
yogi tea,
dates stuffed with roasted pecans.

tuesday january fourth 2011

tropical smoothie.
red quinoa salad with warm indian spices,
salad greens,
tropical fruit applesauce,
dried mango.
more dried mango.
black-eyed peas with butternut squash and smoked paprika,

brown rice timbale,
green salad with avocado and meyer lemon,
tropical apple sauce.

Monday January 3

1 oz costa rica candelilla geisha coffee.
black eyed peas with sherry vinegar and herbs,
greens and avocado,

unsweetened apple sauce with ceylon cinnamon,
yogi tea.
Coquette cafés green beans with shallots,
organic ginger tea.
more black eyes peas and greens,
roasted delicata squash rings,
1/2 baked opal apple,
1/2 baked arkansas black apple.

Sunday January 2

peppermint tea.
winter citrus salad with orange flower water,

toasted barley flakes, pecans and dates.
dried apple rings.
leftover phyllo pie with curried squash and lentils.
sleepytime tea,
pomagranate seeds.
more sleepytime tea.
Mixed greens with black eyed peas,
unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon.
More sleepytime tea.