raisin bran with soymilk,
sulawesi toraja torch coffee.
apple with peanut butter.
mango blueberry smoothie,
peanut butter and jelly on toast.
sweet potato lentil soup,
fennel toasts.
tahitian vanilla hazelnut tea,
pistachio cake.
parmesan porcini popcorn,
hummus and pita ships,
schist rock shiraz,
fig newmans.


remains of apple tart.
pineapple, fresh berries,
green tea,
lemon poppy muffin.
sweet potato chips, 4-5 oz.
peanut butter and strawberry jam on toast.
dry raisin bran cereal.
lagunitas brown sugar beer, sips.
tongue and fig empanada with pepitas and driftless.
crab croquettes,
spinach and microgreens salad,
pimms cup,
two hands shiraz,
hamburger on brioche with mustard, mayo & tomato,
lemon sorbet,
deconstructed lemon tiramisu.


bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam.
irish breakfast tea.
half of vanilla cupcake top.
granola bar.
kung pao tofu.
lentil sweet potato soup,
green salad with cucumber,
beer, sips.
apple tart.


peanut butter and strawberry jam on multi-grain bread.
double soy honey latte, 6 oz.
chocolate chip peanut cookie found in bottom of handbag.
bunny shaped candy sample,
iced sugar cookie sample.
cranberry tuna sandwich.
dried apricots,
sleepytime tea.
original puffins.
apricot mango juice.
penne pasta with potatoes, parsley-anchovy pesto and parm.
fixed gear beer, sips.
white wine,
other beer, sips.


leftover mojadra and roasted vegetables,
chocolate chip peanut cookie.
peru cochapampa coffee.
sesame stix.
blueberry banana smoothie,
last of the leftover mojadra and roasted vegetables.
bread with butter and strawberry jam.
gin cocktail,
spinach with sake and shiitake mushrooms,
sticky rice,
grilled tofu with mustard,
another bite of sticky rice.


banana mango smoothie x2.
chocolate peanut cookie.
iced coffee,
3/4 ginger date scone.
mojadra and green salad,
fermented juice drink,
leftover roasted vegetables,
chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels.


kenya AA via eva solo.

oatmeal cutlets with walnuts and maple syrup,
2 chocolate chip cookies.
pineapple flax smoothie.
wasa crisps with balsamic white bean dip.
chocolate chip cookies.
4 pistachios.
gnocchi with truffle sauce,
baby green salad with balsamic vinegar,

red wine,


chocolate chip cookie dough,
tiny bite of oatmeal.

flavios reserve espresso,
espresso toro,
multiple chocolate chip cookies.
blackened catfish with sweet corn and cilantro creme,
sauteed pattypan squash,
baby green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.
white wine x 2.
sip of red wine.
more cookies.
peppermint tea.