peanut butter puffins (a couple)
shredded spoonfuls with raisins and almond milk
sprouted almonds
genmaicha tea
apple with almond butter
Sumatra coffee #11975
pepper crackers with goat brie, olive oil, flakey salt
figs with st andre double cream cheese and olive oil, and flakey salt
garam masala bean patty with balsamic spinach salad
Chana dal crisps with cumin and mustard seeds

almond butter and chocolate chips
peppermint tea
spicy naan with butter
red italian wine
st cosme cotes du rhone

1/4 of hebrew national with truffle mustard on toasted roll


papaya banana smoothie
peanut butter puffins
8 ounce single soy mocha
various samples: pineapple, salt and vinegar potato chip, two bite chocolate cookie, olive pita chip with (horrible!) red pepper hummus
apple with almond butter
balsamic tuna salad with spinach
peanut chocolate chip cookies x 2
peppermint tea
6 almonds
bread with garlic basil oil
Caesar salad
halibut with roasted vegetables
crepe cake
peanut butter puffins


ginger date scone
tangerine ginger tea
love supreme coffee

laura's gourmet popcorn
mango peach ginger smoothie
clementines x 2
decaf soy honey latte 8 oz
veggie salad from chipotle
peanut chocolate chip cookies
rittenhouse rye old fashioned
black pepper cracker with honey goat cheese and olive oil, flakey sea salt
lentil masala burgers with honey goat cheese, baby spinach, on sesame roll
roasted broccoli
peanut butter chocolate coconut non dairy frozen dessert


masala naan with butter and sea salt
miscellaneous chunk of raspberry scone
love supreme coffee
single soy honey latte 8 oz
two more goobers from bottom of handbag (not good)
white tea rose melange
pineapple banana flax smoothie
more naan
chocolate chip peanut mix
peanut butter puffins

almond butter
french lentils with cashews and coconut sauce
quinoa pan cakes
spinach and red leaf salad with clementines, avocado, basil
peanut chocolate chip cookies


cinnamon raisin toast with almond butter
raspberry papaya smoothie
love supreme coffee
mango orange smoothie
black bean frittata with avocado
chocolate chips and peanuts

gorgonzola gougere

chicken with rosé carmelized onions, mushrooms
salad with olive oil and champagne vinegar
roasted potato
porto do noval
la colline red wine
chocolate peanut butter coconut non dairy frozen dessert


sprouted almonds
peanut butter pie sample
cherry pie sample
Love Supreme coffee
soy hot chocolate 3 oz
Laura's Gourmet popcorn
pineapple raspberry smoothie
stray goobers from the bottom of my handbag
almond butter
quinoa and bean salad with basil and poppyseed tarka
cabbage salad with tofu and warm coconut chile dressing
chocolate mint non dairy frozen dessert
1/2 inch of banana

frozen pineapple chunk


raw almonds
roasted salted almonds
barley flakes cooked with nutmeg, brown sugar, dried plums
pu-erh ginger tea
cheese samples x 3
asiago cheese bread sample
apples with almond butter
dried turkish fig
turtle trails frozen coconut dessert
whole wheat pita and lentil hummus
frozen pineapple
3/4" of banana
green tea
smoked salmon and crackers
red wine
gorgonzola gougeres