Surreal Friday

pink lady apple
tropical smoothie with protein
sip of soy hot chocolate
some cherry bran muffin
a little cran apple pie filling (rejected the crust)
most of a bag of honey dijon rice chips
green tea
salad with tahini dressing
rye toast with sweet butter

2 eggs in browned butter
1/2 chocolate chip cookie
4oz single soy latte
lunch from chipotle- veggie salad bowl with black and pinto beans, sauteed peppers and onions, guacamole, corn salsa
peanut bread with raspberry jelly
christmas bows
yeasted sugar cake.
moo shu duck w/ pancakes  and hoisin
fish with black bean
1/2 fortune cookie "you will get a great deal on a major purchase"
1/2 veggie dumpling


toast with earth balance and apricot jam
tiny tiny chocolate cupcakes with mint buttercream
turtle cookie thing
choclate chip cookie
Alterra's Holiday Blend Coffee
1 bag of veggie booty
inari with avocado
fireman's soup
peanut bread with butter
christmas bow cookies
rooibos tea
2 slices of toast
Rooibos chai
2 tiny freakin' cupcakes
andes candy cookie
6 oz double shot decaf soy mocha
part of a sweet potato and black bean burrito with salsa
2 corn chips
some mock duck with shiitake
stirfried noodles with tempeh
sample of pita chip
coconut strawberry kefir
bite of basmati with saffron
potato kohlrabi hash
brown butter and fennel tofu cutlets
greens with olive oil
wine from argentina?
coconut mint chip icecream
peanut butter
peanut butter pretzels
cold oven fries
Rose tea
gingerbread-ish  cookies (homemade by someone else)
basmati and leftover squash curry
dried plum
weird vegan donut thing (sample)
cheese? (sample)
coconut mint-chip "ice cream"
miso soup
3 slices of sprouted grain toast with earth balance
make that 4


toasted oat flakes with soymilk and raisins
squash curry with basmati
peanut butter pretzels
more cookies
earl grey tea
risotto cake, made from leftover beet risotto
dill cabbage salad
oven fries with chili garlic ketchup