Wednesday July 18

chocolate chip cookies

Tuesday July 17

Double chocolate cortado.
granola with soy milk.
iced earl grey tea.
hazelnut wafers.
raspberry Kombucha.
garden salad topped with
beautiful broccoli salad,
2 bourbon based cocktails,
tortilla chips,
rice chips with peanut sauce,
good and plentys.
blackened tofu salad with bacon,
1 piece of fried okra.

Monday July 16

2 chocolate chip cookies.
iced coffee,
double cocoa cortado.
grape zevia,
veggie booty,
sour cream and onion chip sample.
tomato basil crostini.
2 strawberry starbursts,
1 cherry starburst,
7 peanut m&m's.
2 chocolate chips cookies.
broken cucumber.
fancy free cocktail (2 rye, 1 maraschino, stirred).
more cucumbers.
sesame noodles with edamame, tofu, scallion,
8 bit beer.

Sun July 15

Saturday July 14

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Mon July 9