may 19 saturday

toast with salted butter and strawberry jam,
tanzania peaberry coffee.
buttered toast.
half of mocha rice dream frozen cookie sandwich.
strawberry soda,
BBQ potato chips.

may 18 friday

raspberry banana orange smoothie.
blended iced soy double latte.
sesame date trail bar.
buttered toast,
strawberry soda.
freeze dried raspberries.
wisconsin grassfed hot dogs with lime mustard, and blueberry mustard, and truffle mustard,
red leaf salad with apples and sartori black pepper cheese,
home brew.
half of rice dream mocha frozen cookie sandwich,
chunk of corn cookie from milk bar.

may 17 thurs

may 16 weds

May 15 Tuesday

quinoa salad,
raspberry macarons,
brazil fazenda sao domingos coffee,
heath biscotti.
double iced soy latte.
heavily buttered toast,

orange zevia.
grapefruit zevia.
tripel homebrew,
stir fry of cabbage and shiitake,
buttered brown basmati,
brown sugar at goat yogurt tart. 

May 14 Monday

half of tarragon chicken salad,
brown sugar and yogurt tart.
iced coffee with chai and soy milk.
tortilla chips,
dandelion & burdock kombucha,
roasted sweet potato burrito,
mild salsa.
almond butter toffee.
buttered bread.
Stinger energy chews.
Asahi beer,
seaweed salad with maraschino cherry,
avocado garden salad with russian dressing,
spider roll,
tuna avocado roll,
eel roll,
pickled ginger.

May 13 Sunday Mother's Day

fresh buttered bread,
black tea.
tarragon chicken salad sandwich,
peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
quinoa salad,
lentil salad,
brown sugar and goat yogurt tart,
cherry compote,
raspberry macarons,
fleur beer,
blanche de bruxelles beer.
almond butter toffee.

May 12 Saturday

fresh bread with butter.
PB&J sandwich,
grilled mushrooms with persillade on polenta,
white beans with spices,
red leaf salad with chiogga beets and vanilla vinaigrette,
red wine,
grilled buttered toast,
peanut macarons.

may 11 friday

coffee x 2.
grapefruit zevia,
quesadilla with salsa,
sunflower seeds.
frozen cherries.
freeze dried raspberries,
peanut macarons,
raspberry macarons.
Margaret's crispy fish tacos,
le bouc white wine.
decaf coffee,
at Beta by Sabor - blood orange and tequila sorbet,
chocolate cake with figs,
pork rinds dipped in chocolate,
rice crispy treat deluxe.

may 10 thursday

buttered toast with jam.
scrambled egg burrito.
orange zevia.
tortilla chips.
candied ginger.
peanut butter.
curly red lettuce and strawberries,
red quinoa,
braised lentils with gremolata,
white wine.
blondie pie.

May 9 Wednesday

at Third Rail- coffee,
at Souen - miso soup,
apple kukicha,
seitan dumplings,
spring rolls,
salmon spring rolls,
macro platter with maze rice and tahini dill sauce.
at milk bar- corn cookie,
strawberry cake ball.

roberta's, again - crispin cider,
pablo escarole pizza,
rosso pizza.
chocolate cloud cookie.
water crackers with butter,
home brew.

may 8 tuesday

at ninth street espresso- sip of espresso,
chemex coffee.

at roberta's - romaine salad with pecorino, mint, and candied walnuts,
taste of sable salad,
cold brewed iced tea,
taste of little yella pils,
bahn mi sandwich,
romaine lettuce.
chocolate cloud cookie.
Booker and Dax- son of a peach cocktail,
shiitake buns,
pork buns.
PDT- peanut butter cup cocktail,
orgeat cocktail,
cocktail with orgeat and umbrella,
part of WD-50 dog,
chang dog,
oyster dog,
waffle fries,
tater tots.
at maison premiere - lemony gin cocktail,
three oysters of various origins.