may 7 monday

avocado toast,
rice cakes,
diet coke,
street tacos.
at North End Grill - pinot noir juice,
gewurtztraminer juice,
torchon of foie gras with rhubarb-tangerine preserve and grilled brioche,
coddled egg with peekytoe crab, bacon, ramps, spring onions and grits,
charcoal grilled artichokes & spring onions with wild watercress and peanuts,
roasted hen of the wood mushrooms, fava beans, fiddlehead ferns and kale "risoato",
charcoal grilled ramps,
thrice fried spiced fries,
bread and butter,
onion rings with boodie's  ketchup and mayonaise,
cod throats meuniƩre,
grilled octopus with lentil salad and taggiasche olives,
charcoal grilled new jersey asparagus,
truffled mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy,
single espresso,
grilled pineapple,
butterscotch puddin with marshmallows and chocolate cookie crunch,
sticky date pud,
lemon meringue pie,
rhubarb napoleon,
chamagne cocktail,
caviar on cracker,
sip of vodka martini,
campari and champagne,
potato chip,
pickled okra,
almond joy cake,
taste of cilantro pepper & tequila cocktail,
cake at JB Awards.
champagne at grammercy tavern.
maker's mark,
hot dog at 11 madison park.
spicy fish soup,
fried oyster,
bread and butter,
fried chicken,
mashed potatoes,
collards at blue ribbon.

may 6 sunday

whole wheat toast with butter and raspberry jam,
french pressed colombia finca la cabana coffee.
orange zevia.
sauteed spinach and leftover ginger tofu cubes with extra black pepper.
toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam.
tortilla chips.
pasta with meatballs, spinach, and sherry vinegar,
McCrea Syrah, 2007,
half slice of banana cake.

May 5 Saturday

granola bar,
french pressed colombia finca la cabana coffee,
egg on toast with ketchup.
orange zevia.
orange zevia.
candy cherry coins,
gummy tarantula,
mint julep,
guacamole and corn chips,
mango salsa,
mint julep,
chicken and mushroom tacos,
bitters and soda,
banana cake,
gummy tarantula.

May 4 Friday

Peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich with brown butter and sea salt.
.18 cupcakes.
Chocolate biscotti,
Guatemala hunapu coffee.
Orange zevia.
Cold leftover tofu Cubes.
tortilla chips.
hard cider,
shrimp escabeche.
sambal goreng udang,
truffled potato skins.
lemon gin cocktail at Bryant's.