Wednesday April 6

half of scrambled egg burrito with chipotle and potatoes.
kenya AA nyeri coffee.
piece of biscotti.
decaf soy au lait with chocolate.
BBQ popchip sample,
Potato chip sample.
avocado clementine salad,
"cheese" quesadilla with tequila lime salsa.

1 piece of cherry panda licorice.
date almond bom-bons.
roasted chickpeas with shichimi togarashi.
1 inch of banana.
dried apricots with peanut butter.
corn pancakes with cider syrup,
lentils with sausage,
green salad,
taste of bells two hearted beer and
lagunitas maximus beer.

tuesday april 5

almond date bom bons.
dandelion green smoothie with apple and orange.
kenya AA nyeri coffee.
alterra granola bar.
more almond date bom bons.
leftover veggie tofu burrito with pineapple salsa.
dried apricots with panut butter.
half of cumin potato burrito with scrambled eggs,
green leaf letuce,
pineapple salsa.
white peony tea.
reverse manhattan with carpano antica.

monday april 4

decaf soy latte.
malt vinegar potato chip sample,
international cookie sample.
tempeh curry quesadilla with cheddar teeze and
pineapple salsa,
green salad with sesame teriyaki dressing.
chocolate peanut butter frozen coconut dessert.
panda cherry licorice.
three clementines.
potato chickpea hash with cumin and cholula hot sauce,
baby greens,
avocado with Portuguese salt cream and lemon.
dried apricot.
banana sorbet with peanut butter and date almond bom bons.

sat april 2