coconut mango smoothie,
carrot ginger toast with almond butter.
brasil coffee.
earl grey tea,
ginger chew.
catfish salad with capers and spicy mustard and baby greens.
smoked paprika bean balls with hummus.
dried apricots,
fresh whole wheat bread with garlic olive oil.

quinoa pudding with apricots.
mung beans with coconut tarka.
ginger date scone,
white tea rose melange.
single soy macchiato.
plain potato chips,
curried chicken salad sandwich,
mojo bar,
mango ginger chew.
sample of banana mini muffin (not good).
catfish with brown butter and smoked paprika,
potato rutabaga mash,
baby greens with carrot, orange and white balsamic vinegar,
substance white wine.

peppermint tea.


granola bar.
kenya aa gatura,
pumpkin chocolate chip tea bread crust.
soy hot chocolate 6 oz.
sporTea with pineapple.
chicken noodle soup,
smoked paprika bean balls with hummus.
pineapple kasugai gummy.
thai style curry with tofu,
baby greens with mock pickled carrots and sesame,
short grain brown rice.
basa white wine.
winter G&T,
mulled wine,
the valentino (all by Bittercube).
crinkle cut duck fat fries with truffle and mayonaise.


mojo bar.
costa rica candelilla coffee,
kenya aa gatura coffee,
cranberry nut and pumpkin chocolate chip tea bread crusts.
half decaf double shot soy honey latte, 5 oz.
banana with almond butter,
2 cups of genmai-cha tea.
BB-Q tofu sandwich from riverwest co-op,
chocolate chip cookie from riverwest co-op,
tortilla chips.
2 cups genmai-cha.
salad bowl with extra guacamole and pinto beans,
more tortilla chips,
dale's pale ale "voluminously hopped mutha".

ginger chew tasting: mango, peanut, original.

tuesday. march 2.

ginger date scone,
kenya aa gatura,
guatemala pampjila.
very small sip of berry booster smoothie with no yogurt.
very large apple.

leftover corn taco/crepes,
peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat toast,
handful of puffins cereal.
bran muffin with butter.
almond, 5-7.
cabernet sauvignon,
smoked paprika chickpea balls with cilantro mayonnaise,
chicken noodle soup,
whole wheat toast,
baby greens with clementines, balsamic vinegar, garlic oil,
collon cookies.
yogi tea.


homemade oat-bran/flax muffin.

mojo bar?
kenya aa gatura.
very small amount of soy hot chocolate.
soy chai.
tropical smoothie,
leftover roasted vegetables and chickpeas with soft indian spices.
another bran muffin.
big apple.
samples of various chips at whole foods.
corn crepes with tempeh taco filling, avocado, cholula sauce,
baby greens with lemon and honey viniagrette, shaved parmesan and dried figs,
pineapple spritzers.
vacqueyras red wine.
yogi tea.


banana mango smothie,
peanut butter toast,
kukicha tea,
kenya aa coffee.
hummus and tortilla chips.
ginger chews.

roasted vegetable and chickpeas with indian spices,
saffron and tomato rice,
baby greens with honey lemon viniagrette.
whole wheat bread with truffle oil and flakey salt.


peanut butter and strawberry jam on whole wheat toast,
yogi tea.
a lot of hummus with tortilla chips, both made at home.

bran/flax muffins.
peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat toast.
kenya aa gatura.
chicken noodle soup.